iframe sometimes shows white page but hyperlinks etc. are working

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  • Hi. Does anyone else have this problem? When I open a website in the iframe sometimes its just white but scrollbars are visible and you can click on invisible links to navigate and then the page usually shows up. After that other pages on other layouts opening the page in iframe work as well. But why is it white/blank first?

    example of included site:


    First I thought it was a problem with the ?SetLocale link and I open it in a out of layout iframe to set the cookie which seems to work but sometimes the page is just white and a long scrollbar. Is this a bug in iframe or just a website problem?

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  • My page is also not appearing in "Preview" mode. But when I exported to Desktop it is working.

  • I can't remember if it was just in (remote) preview or in the exported debug APK as well.

    But it would be good if it works in the exported app at least.

    btw: some more events/actions for iframe would be great! (to get the clicked link, get status like % completed downloading the site etc.)

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