Idea: Next Game Jam with DeviantArt

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  • And maybe not just a Game Jam. Maybe a contest for the most creative usage of C3. Lot's of good things can come from teaming up with DeviantArt:

    • One of the largest artist communities means better exposure then with current partners.
    • A larger pool of creatives, both amateur and professional, means a more creative usage of the product.
    • People using C3 for more than just making games extends the user base by making it more attractive to more people.
    • For the most part, there's a safe mode for offensive material meaning it's more kid friendly than the previous game jam partner. Good if you continue to target children and schools with C3.
    • Deviant art currently only allows Flash games, so they need to eventually move in the direction. Kicking it off with a game jam would be good fun and a big step forward for them too.
    • Many users there pay subscriptions, especially the professional artists, and would be very comfortable paying for a C3 subscription.

    And if you get in good with the people in charge of the site, maybe you can convince them to add a My Little Pony filter, so the rest of use who are sick of seeing it can live an easier life.

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