Idea behaind Construct button design?

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  • I occasionally confirm dialog settings and then see they have not applied! So I do it again.

    But now I wondered why does it still happen, so I looked at Construct UI button positions and wondered, what design law do they follow?

    Some dialogs have OK Cancel. Other have Cancel Back Done. Or Back Done and Create Cancel!

    Why don't buttons follow one rule, where Accept is right and cancel left? Why do buttons are like they are?

    Who designed it, is there some meaning behaind it?

  • I told them about this years ago, but they didn't seem to care.

  • I told them about this years ago, but they didn't seem to care.

    Well then. But if problem has already been pointed out before, there must be a reason and no action has been taken. Then it could be safe to assume, no futher action is taken on default theme in future.

    Construct3 has "50+ dialogs " as stated in docs, swapping buttons around for my own use, which will take time. I would need confirmation like that.

  • That's even more then 1 year ago.

    Anyway, it just took 4 css properties to change most buttons around. Is all ok now for me.

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  • The rule is that everything uses OK / Cancel ordering, consistent with the Windows UI design, except for "wizard" type dialogs that take several steps, and so use Back / Next ordering, or Back / Done on the last step. This is because figuratively speaking "Next" moves right through the process, and "Back" moves left, so the buttons are positioned according to the figurative direction. These rules apply in all the pictures you showed.

  • That seems reasonable explanation.

    But I bet Windows uses that order because that order makes sense there. Where Cancel takes priority over OK. As if users changes something in Windows, then best option is to Cancel and clicking OK should not be clicked so easily. Because there, OK and Cancel can have big serious consequences. While in C3, it's just change variable, create project, insert object.

    I bet they also have statistic, that shows when users goes to change something in Windows, they Cancel more often then Confirm it.

    While in C3, clicking Cancel is opposite effect, you loose all inserted math/values and Browsers offers UNDO / REDO if you even overwrite your stuff, so it makes no sense to protect users for clicking OK. While you cannot redo your stuff which you inserted into some dialog.

  • I don't think there is any real reason for the Windows OK / Cancel ordering. It's just a convention that has been there since at least the 90s and is now too difficult and disruptive to change. Macs have always done it the opposite way round, which again I don't believe is for any particular reason, it's just a different convention. And it's best not to change things without a real reason, especially if it means hundreds of pages of documentation, tutorials, teacher lesson plans and educational materials, user habits and muscle memory, etc. etc. all suddenly go out of date if it's changed.

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