IAP - "On product "X" purchase failed" condition

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  • Hello everyone!

    I was wondering how the "On product X purchase failed" condition works?

    I am not sure when it is triggered, on what condition basically. Could you enlighten me Nepeo

    I would like to use it as it is intended in future.

    On Android, When you call the "Purchase product" action, it opens the Playstore pop-up. I thought I could use the purchase failed condition if the payment was refused or if the player clicked somewhere it to close the Playstore pop-up.

    But it does not work, probably because that's not what this condition is meant to be used for.

    And while I'm here, is there a condition I could use which records when the player dismisses the Android pop-up? If not I will use a pop-up that the player has to close if the purchase does not happen.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Nepeo Poking you again in case you did not see my question.

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  • DoudouSupreme Sorry I have been away, still catching up on things.

    I believe the condition is triggered when the order explicitly fails, not when it is cancelled. I can't remember most of the purchase flow off the top of my head. I don't believe we have an event for the purchase being cancelled, but we could probably add one if it was wanted.

  • Nepeo No worries, that's what I thought, I only bumped the topic ebcause I aw you replied to another.

    Well if it's possible to add that event that would be nice. Basically I'm turning of a bunch of things, and I would have liked to know that the player cancel the transaction to turn them back on.

    Also it could be useful to see how many transactions are cancelled for Game Analytics (even though I can't use their SDK since my game is support at 0-5 and they do not comply totally).

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