Huge Construct 3 cache in Google App Support for Mac

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  • Hello ! I'm a proud (and privileged) user of Construct 3 on Mac. I discovered in my Mac Library, under the Google Application Support a file named https_editor.construct.net_0.indexeddb.blob. This file is full of documents and about 15Gb big ! What is it exactly ? Can I purge it to free disc space ? Thanks for your answer. Laurent

  • It depends. If you save lots of large projects and backups to browser storage, it's that. It also includes NW.js downloads and other things saved locally. You shouldn't just delete it without knowing what it is.

    FWIW you can see more storage statistics and options to selectively clear things in the Application tab of Chrome's dev tools.

  • Ashley,

    I followed your instructions but it's very difficult to understand what each file is about.

    All my capx are stored in the cloud, none in the browser. I have a few add ons that I can easily reinstall. What is the risk to delete every file in the https_editor.construct.net_0.indexeddb.blob dossier ?

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  • Do not delete random files Chrome uses, you could corrupt your installation. At least do it from Chrome's settings to clear browser data.

    You will lose everything in your local browser storage, which could include projects, backups, NW.js downloads, and offline support for C3. If you're happy that none of that matters and you have backups elsewhere, you can go ahead and clear storage.

  • Thanks Ashley

    So deleting the cache is like making a C3 clean install ?

    It would be very useful to be able to clearly identify what C3 installs in Chrome so we could be able to purge knowingly. Could you add such a function ?

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