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  • Hi,

    I imported my project from Construct 2 and it worked in preview on Construct 3. It also worked in remote preview but when I exported it for HTML 5 and uploaded the project to my server it does not work.

    Is there a setting I am missing? It has always worked when exported it in Construct 2.

    Here is the preview:

    And here is it on my server:

    How it works in preview (and exported in construct 2) is you type in the correct answer and hit enter it changes to text and the textbox disappears. If the answer is missed a red "x" appears and keeps the textbox to try again. You can answer one question at a time and check by hitting enter.

    Now in Construct 3, exported in HTML5, all the textboxes disappear when enter is hit and the correct answer is not accepted as correct.

    I hope to be able to use this project in Construct 3 rather than having to use Construct 2 for exporting HTML5.

    Thanks in advanced for any help.

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