Is the html build the same as the cordova build?

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  • Hi,

    are the html files from html build the same as the files inside the www folder of the cordova build?


  • they should be almost identical maybe some extra tags be included in html file and some compatibility codes in js files but the way cordova works is making your code run in a browser without address bar and other usual options so it looks like a native app.

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  • is the difference youre saying only in html file?

    the reason im asking this is i edited the config file for my cordova export. Every time i update the game i would not like to override my updates in the config file so im thinking of just building the html export and placing it to the www folder.

    anyway, i just want to have a better work flow on this but it will still be hard because files downloaded from construct 3 are in zip format so it will still be a hassle process ( build -> download -> unzip -> copy files -> paste -> build in cordova).

  • i cant say for sure but you can test it for yourself

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