Hows Construct 3 for rpgs?

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  • Heyo, so I know this question may be asked in multiple different ways however I've been looking for an engine to start my long journey with as there is this 1 game I've been wanting to make for years. I now finally found myself financially capable of being able to hire artist and programmers if needed since I'm not good at either really. I've been deciding between unity playmaker or construct 3- leaning more towards construct 3. However how would large scale rpgs handle with this engine and is there a proficient way to make dialog and quest (similar to like rpgmaker?) If not is that something that could be created by a programmer fairly easily? I really appreciate everyone's time reading this :)

  • If you're going to be making an RPG that RPG Maker can make with little or no add-ons or scripting, then RPG Maker is 10x easier. But if you're trying to deviate from traditional RPG features or art styles by a long shot, then you can consider Construct 3. The ability to use JSON text files and JSON arrays in the editor itself has helped a lot for me. You'll be using that as databases and dialogues.

  • I appreciate the response! And will look into that. I did look into rpg maker but the graphic limitations as well as the battle system is too limited for me. I am planning on going with a arpg style with monster(soul) collecting(not nearly as complex as pokemon)and it just seemed a bit complicated to do so with rpgmaker.

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  • I'm currently making a game based almost entirely on non-linear dialogue with no plugins or addons.

    Using a pure text parser and a made up scripting language for that. I already had this game published twice using other frameworks (Corona SDK, Unity) and now remaking in C3 due to the fact that it is just faster and easier to develop; and WAY less error-prone due to how Construct does not allow for programming errors/typos to be made instead of hitting you with warnings after the fact.

    So you should be fine.

    If you want to use JSON or even an online database that's also well within Construct's capabilities.

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