Host does not connect again as Peer and Vice Versa !?

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  • Hi,

    My game requires Host <--> Peer switching after each round.

    I have done this before in Construct 2 and it used to work fine, where I disconnect both players completely, and send the old Peer first (to the Login layout) and then the old Host, so that old Peer becomes the Host.

    But with C3, I cannot make it work. The Host nor the Peer would join again. They do successfully log in to signalling server. But Auto-join does not connect them. One of them some times do connect, but never got both to get connected again, once disconnected. I have tried more than 50 times now.

    I have already tried changing the Game and Room Names, also their aliases. I also tried without synced object (assuming it may not work as objects were synced?), but no luck.

    Any clues what I may be missing here?

    Please help!

  • Anyone?

  • No one?

    Ashley ?

    I'm stuck since months on this one.. Please help!

    Edit: Just to clarify: It's a Two-player game with Physics objects, and Physics interactions happen only for one player per round. The aim is to ensure the Physics interactions must always take place from the Host's perspective to avoid visual glitches. This is why switching host <--> peer (half-way) will solve my problem.

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  • There's a lot wrong with this but, you could create a room and call it like, both name mashed together as a string or seomthing, and instead of using auto-join since you'Re saying it'S broken, create a room with that name if you'Re host, and when you're peer, ask singalling server for rooms like every second until you find a room that matches the saved room named from earlyer and join as a peer

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