Any hints with Sliderbar CSS?

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  • Hello,

    I managed to edit a TextInput CSS (thanks to selfCSS and stylinwithcss), but I hit a dead end with Sliderbars.

    I tried to Set its CSS, but my changes have no effect. Tried setting "border-style" to "dashed", "border-color" to "#FF0000", "border-width" to "2px", but nothing happens.

    Found this tutorial, but it uses properties inside other objects. I couldn't access them in C3.

    Tried editing the page's source, I could edit some properties of the slider bar as a whole (only the border), but I couldn't change anything related to the handle and the object's appearance.

    I am getting in deep front-end territory here :D

    Ashley I understand it is not feasible to write a whole CSS reference, but a reference to the few important CSS properties should be enough for us :) The "Styling" section in the TextInput manual was pretty helpful, I wish I could find anything similar for slider bar / progress bar.

    Please let me know if I am missing anything, I am a bit new to C3 CSS :)


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  • MGGD If you are not using many other form control objects, I recommend making your own slider bar with two sprites and drag and drop behavior. It's easier than trying to style it with CSS. Besides, SliderBar is a DOM element, and there are lots of issues with them in Construct - they don't scroll well, mess up mouse and touch events etc.

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