High refresh rate causing issues (240hz)

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  • Hello,

    I have a student starting games development with me, beginning with exercises using C3. Working remotely from home, so using his own setup.

    The student was having no end of issues spawning bullet objects, and the project runs perfectly for me.

    Turns out his refresh rate was the issue. 240hz !! Dialling back to 60 fixed it.

    Monitor: Dell AW2518HF

    GPU: Radeon Vega 64

    Apparently frame rate was 240fps!

    Changing the framerate to 60 fixed the issue.

    I'm no hardware expert but figured I should share.



  • Sorry, further information on this. the issue was where the student had a sprite spawn a single 8x8 pixel bouncing ball bullet sprite, the bullet sprite was not visible on screen at 240hz.

  • Construct supports different refresh rates, but sometimes you also need to adjust your game logic to support this. See the tutorial delta-time and framerate independence.

  • Thanks Ashley, great article. Not sure it applies here.

    the student is using a small number of sprites with movement managed with behaviours only.

    The ball is rotated 180 degrees when spawned if the player is facing left, then managed by the behaviour.

    Objects are:

    name type behaviours instance vars
    player sprite platform, scrollto health
    ball sprite bullet (with bounce)
    platform sprite solid
    lava sprite
    thealth text
    bg sprite

    most sprites are 16x16 pixel colour filled squares.

    ball is 8x8 pixels, still with square collision box.

    bg has a large 1920x1200 image and in a background layer with 50% parallax.

    Text copy of the event sheet is as follows:

    [System Rules]

    ----+ System: Every tick

    -----> tHealth: Set text to "Health: " & player.health

    [Player Rules]

    ----+ player: Is overlapping lava

    --------+ System: Every 1.0 seconds

    ---------> player: Subtract 1 from health

    ----+ player: health ≤ 0

    -----> System: Restart layout

    ----+ Keyboard: On ← pressed

    -----> player: Set Mirrored

    ----+ Keyboard: On → pressed

    -----> player: Set Not mirrored

    [Ball Rules]

    ----+ ball: On collision with player

    -----> ball: Destroy

    ----+ Keyboard: On Space pressed

    --------+ System: ball.Count=0

    ---------> player: Spawn ball on layer "main" (image point 0) (create hierarchy: False)

    ------------+ player: Is mirrored

    -------------> ball: Set Bullet angle of motion to -180 degrees

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  • It's hard to say for sure without seeing your project file, but in general, if your project works differently depending on the FPS/display rate, it is actually a framerate dependence issue as described by the tutorial I linked to. So I think you will need to amend the events as that tutorial describes.

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