Hierarchy and Containers clashing

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  • I am using both hierarchy and containers on a set of objects.

    The problem arises for On Created conditions which trigger twice.

    This is the eventsheet:

    This is the preview:

    In that image, "-> On Sprite object created" Condition gets triggered twice as seen in the Console. The IID of that object gets logged twice.

    I need to select all objects whenever the parent object is selected. (Containers reduce a lot of extra conditions) I am not sure if hierarchies are supposed to work this way. But this procedure used to work fine in and before beta version r233.

    So I am not quite sure if this is a bug or a sacrifice for a better maintenance of hierarchies?

    But of course it should not trigger twice!

    C3P Link >> Click here to Download C3P File

    (EDIT: Well, yeah it's true, it feels kinda weird. Like having both "Create object with Hierarchy set to true" and Containers on the same set of objects. Both of these properties are supposed to create the child objects or the containing objects. However when I see the debugger, number of objects created are alright.

    I should've just used the Pin behavior to get my job done)

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  • I use hierarchy with containers like this in one of my projects, but I don't have "On created" events. It does look like a bug, you should report it.

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