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  • Hey Guys! I've got a small problem. Or maybe a big problem. IDK. I have this super cool game I've made (, google play, construct/scirra arcade), and I would like to keep working on it, but I am using plugins that are ancient. My game uses 4 of Rex's Firebase Pack. You can download all his firebase plugins here: Link.

    All these plugins still work if you put your game into classic scripting mode, and don't minify anything, but soon the ability to switch to classic mode will be removed, and I would love to be able to minify these things.

    If this is an easy fix, I'd be happy to do it myself. I don't know how to take these scripts and compile them into a plugin file or anything like that, so any help is great.

    I am also open to paying someone more talented a little money over Venmo or something for the necessary modifications, if they be willing. I don't know how hard or easy it would be, but $40 sounds reasonable to me right now.

    They just need to be updated to the most recent JS formats basically.

    The plugins I use are:

    Authentication - to connect a user's email and password with a Firebase user set

    APIv3 - general Firebase stuff, I don't really know, you just need it for the other to work.

    SaveData (saveSlot) - To store user data to firebase database

    LeaderBoard - To house the player leaderboard data in the same database

    I don't own these plugins, but if we could update a few, it would really be worth getting them on the plugin store page for free. I've seem some expensive products that do the same things as these, and I wish they where more available to developers.

    Note that a lot of this post is a repost from two other threads, but after a few days, I've had no luck in them. I though I would try one more time here in a dedicated topic.

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  • Hi, I converted these plugins

    quite old plugins

    I didn't update it because I didn't have time.

    I think it might make more sense to buy this instead of paying 40 dollars.

  • well, Eren, thanks. I know you put a lot of work into plugins like this. And I have debated buying something like that already. My thoughts are that I have already made the game and used the rex plugins for nearly a year now. Changing to a new plugin would take a lot of time, regardless of how similar they are.

    I also want to make a good firebase plugin that other people can use without needing to pay. If it's not worth it that's fine. But I would look into updating those few.

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