Help with TURN/STUN servers (Multiplayer Plugin)

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  • Hi!

    I'm creating a multiplayer game in C3 using just the default multiplayer plugin.

    I have some problems with NAT on my router so I can't create rooms in my game. (Just testing with a local connection by duplicating my Opera GX tabs)

    I spent the whole week researching this forum, and trying to find some possible solution to that problem of creating my own rooms, and I often found Ashley saying that these TURN / STUN servers are a second option.

    I also know that Coturn was mentioned a few times. The problem is that I'm not a programmer and I don't know how to create a TURN / STUN server on my computer and get the "stun:" to paste into the "Add ICE server" action.

    Any tutorial, link or comment with some way to do this would be great. Thank anyone in advance for future help!

  • You normally wouldn't run your own, you would use one provided by a third party service. The default multiplayer plugin already includes some turn servers. Stun is what you're looking for, but they are usually not free. I think there are some that are though, for at least low connection counts.

    If you're having connection issues on your own computer, I don't think running a stun server on it would help either. Since then your computer would be the one relaying data to clients, but it has connectivity issues in the first place so it wouldn't be a useful relay.

    Edit: Oops sorry mixed the two up ><

  • The default multiplayer plugin already includes some turn servers. Stun is what you're looking for

    Actually it's the other way round: there are some built-in STUN servers, which can broker connections, but not link up devices with restrictive NAT. You need to provide your own TURN server, which acts as a relay and so has to retransmit the entire bandwidth used by the gameplay, to ensure devices with restrictive NAT can still communicate.

  • You need to provide your own TURN server

    Thanks for the answers!

    So, Ashley, there is any tutorial or documentation here in Construct for me to "How to setup an TURN server" or I need to dig in the deepest and old websites to find it out?

  • If you really want to set up your own -

    These are pretty much outside the scope of Construct or these forums though.

    For services - These will be simpler to utilize.


    Thank you oosyrag I used and worked!

    Setup an server in this website was very easy. Just finded an youtube video of someone using it for another website, and BANG! It worked!

    I was searching after many weeks with no good explanation. And now it's done.

  • you could share how you managed to create a server turn?

  • I tried installing a TURN server on a cheap host for testing once, but the instability was huge! I currently use with no problems.

    I also have NAT restrictions, but for testing your own game it doesn't affect you. It won't work in separate tabs, you need to open the secondary player in an anonymous tab or open it in another browser =)

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  • you could share how you managed to create a server turn?

    Hi there mikiooo , I search in youtube for an easy "tutorial" video (it was kinda hard to find btw). And I found one that was what I wanted.

    In case of this video broke or be deleted from YT, I'm going to note what was done (But is pretty simple for any kind of user of construct).

    1. Create an account in

    2. Than, after login, choose an name for your "connection"

    3. Click "Static STUN Credentials" and click the "+" button for you to see your TURN server options and personal info.

    4. There is going to appear what is needed for the "Add ICE server" action inside your Construct 3 event sheet. Just copy and paste everything and there should be done.

    Here is the link:

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