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  • I'm starting to get pissed off on this. I'm trying to save the score but when I reopen it, it's always back to zero! I have tried in every way and all tutorials. NOTHING works to save the score!! Fix this, I'm so disappointed on construct 3, I used C2 and could easily save my games but now when I pay for this and it doesn't work!!!

    How do I even post the project here?????

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  • Host your project on a hosting service (like google drive, dropbox, or whatever) and copy the public link.

    Otherwise, Construct 3 also allows you to select your event and right-click, "Copy as text", and you can then paste in your post which is even simpler.

    Saving a variable (like the score) is done using the local storage plugin, in all ways similar as in Construct 2 so the elements from the How do I FAQ for C2 will work the same:

    [quote:24c8tlbu]How do I do High Scores with Local Storage - LINK

    Another example how to do high scores with Local Storage - LINK

    Be sure to first add the "Local Storage" plugin to your project.

    Then "On start of layout" of the first layout of your project, you may assign the value of the score according to the key you previously saved.

    Last piece of advice if you are getting pissed/frustrated and what not, give it a rest, take some time off your project and go back to it with a clear mind the next day.

    Also, do not wait to be disgraceful to post for help, ask for help in a polite manner before you get to this point, people in the forums will generally be helpful, especially with common issues already treated like those.

  • Save it to google drive or drop box.

  • Here, I got this example from the support and this is also not working. The highscore doesn't save when I restart the application. It always go back to 0, so frustrating! What am I missing?? I have tried it on the PC and on my Android.

    Scirra should make it easier for people to save, have finished examples because it's not just me who have problems with the localstorage plugin

    + System: On start of layout

    -> LocalStorage: Check item "high" exists

    + LocalStorage: On item "high" exists

    -> LocalStorage: Get item "high"

    + LocalStorage: On item "high" missing

    -> System: Set HighScore to 0

    -> LocalStorage: Set item "high" to HighScore

    + LocalStorage: On item "high" get

    -> System: Set HighScore to LocalStorage.ItemValue

    + System: Score = HighScore

    -> System: Set HighScore to Score

    -> LocalStorage: Set item "high" to HighScore

    + System: Every tick

    -> Text2: Set text to HighScore

    Or can someone please send a working example instead before I punch my left nut?

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