Help, I can't export my apk file.

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  • I exported the apk file, it shows a notification in the picture, I don't know how to fix it. when the internet is normal but can export html5 files normally. Help me. My program expires at the end of this month.

  • Without more information I can only assume the message is correct and there was a problem with your Internet connection.

    If an error occurs, you can try pressing F12 and check for more detailed error messages in the browser console.

  • it shows like this.

    how can i fix it

  • Unfortunately that does not provide much more information. It still looks like a problem downloading the files needed for minify, though. Are you sure your Internet connection is working correctly?

    Also do you have any browser extensions installed? Try disabling them, sometimes they can interfere with Construct.

  • It could also be if you're behind a proxy. I have seen where most things work correctly from a proxy but it will fail to load the minimizer until you are no longer using the proxy.

  • I don't know how to fix it Previously, it was able to export normally. But now I can't do all the methods. I'm very stressed

    but export html5 no problem

  • Are you trying to use someone else's account ?

    The avatar picture in your screenshot does not match the avatar of the account you are posting with in the forums.

    Since you own a valid subscription, that is a bit strange.

  • I'm confused what this has to do with me using google and constructing different accounts, actually different parts. About how I can't export apk?

    P.S. I previously updated windows, is it related? that it can't be export

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  • How do I set it up? Because the internet is working normally, the previous 4 days I was able to export it normally. But after that there was this problem.

  • I saw an error 525 there, which appears to mean a secure connection failed to be set up. You probably have a configuration problem with your system. I'm afraid it's difficult to help any further, there's very little information to go on and it appears to be a problem specific to your system.

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