Не работает остановка аудио файла, Stopping an audio file does not work

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  • Не работает остановка аудио файла , при переходе на новый макет или при нажатие на кнопку ? кто сталкивался , что делали ? какая логика построения ?

    Does stopping an audio file not work, when switching to a new layout or when pressing a button ? who has encountered , what did they do ? what is the construction logic ?


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  • Не проверял, на чистом проекте? может чтото постоянно запускает музыку снова

    Didn't check it on a clean project? maybe something keeps playing music again

  • проверял , и строил разную логику , срабатывает только функция полной отключения всех звуков , при переходе на другой макет , а так же при кликанье((

    checked and built different logic, only the function of completely turning off all sounds works, when switching to another layout, as well as when clicking ((

  • по началу , я поставил отключение всех звуков( не было времени разбираться) , все работало , кроме , если запускаешь заново игру (restart) то фоновая музыка не проигрывается.

    at first, I turned off all sounds (there was no time to figure it out), everything worked, except if you restart the game (restart), the background music will not play.

  • This is an English forum, so please, stick to English, or at least accompany your post with a translation.

    I've edited your posts to provide a google translate translation.

    Regarding your issue, make sure that when you play, you mention a proper "tag" with the music file you play.

    This is what allows you to use the condition "Is playing" and to start/stop properly.

    Consider posting your project for further investigation.

  • it's funny ,the " tag " stands which should, just doesn't work properly,

    I redid the logic, and got away from this problem , this is the second bug that I found...

    there is no limit to perfection

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