What happens if save project interrupted by energy or internet down

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  • Internet and energy get unstable at my city. What happens if this happens while I'm saving my project?(30% or 90% progress for exemple) Could the file be corrupted or somenthing else?

    Even fiber optic wires have appeared on fire in the city, if intentionally provoked or accidental I dont know, but could this change the information sent to the server in any way?

    What should I do?


  • Based only on my experience.

    Internet shutdown will prevent on-going & future saving resulting in a failure until you get back online. Sometimes it forces me close the engine. Easily one of the greatest downsides of Construct 3 is being unable to save your game locally without internet connection. That's just silly. Definetely not the type of engine you should take to some distant quiet village to work with.

    If your PC suddenly turns off during the saving process then there is a very high chance that your save will be corrupted and there is nothing you can do about it. Make backups as often as you can. Losing one day of work isn't as painful as losing one month.

  • Have you tried using the automatic backup feature? If you haven't, it can be found in Menu -> Settings.

    If it is not already turned on, turn it on. If internet stability is a problem, change the backup location from Cloud to either Local browser or Download copy. That way the saving process will not depend on an internet connection.

    Choosing Local browser will store the backups in your local browser memory, Download copy will download the backups to your system's download folder. Try them out and see which one works best for you.

    The default auto save time of 10 minutes can be changed if needed.

    As for the power, there is nothing to do about that from the software side. If the electricity is cut while making a backup, there is no way of knowing what the end result will be. Regular backups should cover for that though.

  • DiegoM

    That's not exactly true. When I'm saving using Desktop build on to my disk it results in a failure, because I don't have internet at the moment. I also can't open Construct when I don't have internet connection.

  • Construct should work offline and be able to save offline (e.g. as a download, but obviously not cloud save while offline). If it does not please file an issue. As far as I'm aware it should all be working fine offline.

  • Ashley Got it. I will make some recordings.

    Maybe I am the only one experiencing this issue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Just make sure you're waiting for the "ready to use offline" notification - I think sometimes people don't wait for that then go offline, but that means you're going offline before it's fully downloaded everything it needs to work offline.

    Construct 3 is architected so that everything works in full while offline, except for features that connect over the Internet, like cloud save, remote preview, and the build service.

    It's also worth mentioning as always that regular backups are essential for all digital work, in case of software or hardware failure, power cuts, fire, floods, theft, etc.

  • Ashley Oh it appears my NWjs was old. I updated it & desktop Construct launched. Silly of me.

    Also it's nothing, but shouldn't it be 2020 now? To my knowledge, Copyright should have "original year of release - year on the last update".

  • I'm glad that you all come to help. I already do regular backups.

    I have the following questions:

    A corrupted file can open as if it was not corrupted? Or it will always show a message that the file is corrupeted?

    Data sent over the internet can be changed due to malfunction? For example, I send "101" but for a reason, like the cabes in fire, the value/information arrives, but with alteration like "11" or "011" or something else diferent, without we be advised of error in Construct?

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