What happen if I upload a project with config in cocoonio

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  • I recently updated my project in cocoon.io. it done properly and it gave me a result but if I run it in my mobile, after the flash screen the screen changed into black. I think the problem is in my uploaded file in cocoon.io. I uploaded with config.xml. Please tell me what problem I have.

  • Then how did you built the app, isn't any easy alternative way to built the app?

  • there are many things that cause this stupid bug... Even deleting the config file you can get this...

    I build my apk 10 times already with Cocoon, now Im trying to create a very simple upgrade, without changing anything dramatically, and I get the Black Scree every. single. time.

    I am giving up on Cocoon and will start learning how to build the apk with Cordova CLI...


    too unstable

    it changes some settings on your project out of nowhere

    Then how did you built the app, isn't any easy alternative way to built the app?

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  • I am going trough the same problem buddy... I lost my entire day today trying to fix Cocoon stupid Black Screen, just to upgrade my game...

    I am now trying my last attempt to Fix the Black Screen on Cocoon, adding a Loader Layout and changind a command that says "lazyload = true" to "false". This is my last attempt to fix Cocoon but I have a feeling it wont work and I dont want to get stressed anymore... If you want to try to fix it, check comments here: https://forums.cocoon.io/t/black-screen ... t-2/2101/7

    I thought my problems would be solved using ADOBE PHONE GAP but they only accept a .keystore to sign the apk and I am already using a .jks file, so haha, thanks adobe!

    But maybe Adobe Phone Gap Build can be a solution for YOU if you use a .keystore file to sign your apk.

    Check this tutorial: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/9492/b ... h-phonegap

    So If these options doesn't work, you can be brave and go full developer mode and do what I'm learning to do right now, which is the most complex option (not so much but be brave!)

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/9610/b ... rdova-cli/


    Thanks, I am using .keystore so it is possible to export my project using phone gap.

    Isn't it have any problems like black screen?

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