Happen to you a lot? - keep putting "quotes" around string variable in "Edit Variable" dialogue!

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  • I understand why quotes are allowed around string variables - incase you need this: "Bert" as the variable itself.

    But I think a warning "Did you mean to put quotes around your string variable?" pop up would save lots of bug tracking... because one hardly ever needs a string variable containing quotes!

    Just wanting a bit of feed back before I bother filling out a suggestion form.

    Thanks :)

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  • I think by default you wouldn't think to use quotes on a variable name. Maybe if you started using the text object and got a little confused but I think once you had done this once then you would be aware of it.

  • thanks for posting.

    I think the confusion is because everywhere else you enter a string value (function params, comparing variables, setting variables) you put the string in quotes.

    So if you've been doing a lot of this - then jump and create a new string variable - you automatically stick the value in quotes... because everywhere else you do this...

    I just creates a difficult to track down bug... just got to be super careful I suppose...

  • it is not possible to create a variable with a name containing quotes.

    you can though set a value with quotes. which I would never ever do..

  • not the variable name itself but the initial value can be in quotes:

    Add Local Variable Dialog

    Name: myVariable

    Type: String

    Initial value: "something in quotes" <<< this can be put in quotes..


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