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  • If I deactivate a group in an event sheet and then load some other event sheet/layout; when I come back to the original event sheet, will that group still be deactivated?

    From what I can see this seems to be the case (am I correct?) but I would expect the event sheet to reset to its original setting when it loads in again as this would be far easier to manage.

    There doesn't seem to be any Reset ALl Groups action and so its becoming increasingly complicated to know which group are open and which are not.

    Is what I'm seeing correct? If so how can I force groups back to their original state?

  • You don't really move between or load event sheets, that's layouts. You want to activate or deactivate then you set them as such.

  • I thought a layout loaded an associated event sheet and unloaded it when it switched layouts. Its that not the case?

  • An event sheet is something that runs for any layouts it is linked to

  • Understood, and when the layout is no longer running the event sheet sheet is no longer running (unless you include it somewhere)...But my question is; when that event sheet runs again, are the groups in that sheet reset to their original active or deactivated at start state?

  • No, the event sheet is running constantly. If you disabled the group then it remains disabled.

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  • Hmm, I just tested this by having a log print out every second in my first event sheet. This prints fine during the initial layout but when I switch layout (with a new event sheet) the log print no longer prints, meaning the original event sheet is no longer running.

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