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  • Hello there.

    Got a couple of questions about official greenworks plugin (

    As for now the plugin's description states that it supports NW.js version 0.33.3, while exporting my game with NW offers me NW.js version 0.39 as the latest.

    Also, on the forums people seem to be exited with NW version 40 + (for smth called "new window implementation" - whatever that is, i am not a tech guy).

    So is there a chance this plugin be updated with newer NW versions?

    Also, would you kindly add "Deactivate achievement" action? It is often used for testing and debugging steam achievements, especially with tricky conditions to trigger. So if something goes wrong (e.g. achievement gets activated, although it should not) we have an option to quickly drop achievement, make amends to events and try again. Super useful near release, while polishing Steam stuff before sending a build to moderation.

    Sorry for tagging you, Ashley.

    I suppose that updating this plugin with every single new version of NW.js can be pretty gruel, but maybe it can be reasonable if we (people who make Steam games with C3) can have it updated like once in 1~2 months?

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  • We can only update it when the greenworks library updates. Currently the latest release is from November.

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