i gotta say that i love C3

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  • as an user of Construct since 2012 i have to say that i didnt believe that Construct 3 was going to make me change from C2 and i tought that the chrome idea was bad, now i been working with C3 doing some small examples and testing it and i gotta say that i just love it, its C2 but 10 times more comfortable, i know the UI is not done yet but i like the changes it have, and being able to open my projects in any computer is amazing, I would have liked to have something like this when i was on school having to bring C2 on a usb to use it on my school's library, its really amazing and i have to say like always, Scirra thinks about the future, i will always remember arguing with Ashley about C2 perfomance back in 2013 and he told me "in 2 years phones will be able to run any html5 game without problem" and yes, he was right, so thats why i think that Construct 3 is aiming to the future, maybe is too early for people to understand the power of working on a browser, but im sure that browser based tools are the future.

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  • Yeah, C3 has surpassed all my expectations.

  • Thanks for the feedback! I think you understand what we're trying to do

  • When you use Construct 3 in a window, as described in the Scirra blogs, it is just like using C2.

    You are correct Ashley, people with a positive attitude towards C3, see where Scirra is heading.

    I can only congratulate the whole Scirra team for their nice team work. Construct 3 is worth the long wait for it.

    I will buy a subscription from the moment it becomes available.

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