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  • Will construct enable to create games for Google Stadia Platform?

    Are there any plans for it?



  • Google just announced it.

    So no, but maybe, would be best guess.

  • looks interesting, but i don't see what is the fuss about it, Stadia, is already out there without Stadia, we can publish games and apps on google or websites the same way google shows in the video for years now, they just trying to centralize everything so we have who to blame if the internet brakes i guess.

    Stadia (blame google for the copycats games). xD it will be a disaster. Like google plus.

    Browser based MMORPGS(AAA) are not a new thing, i been playing them for atleast 3 or 4 years now.

    But i guess another platform where to sell our "smelly" games yay google!

    Edited: Also im curious about the "play games on any device" mention they did, would we have to pay another 100$ to Apple? cause "their users might use Stadia"? Like we do on instant games?

    Facebook: "make games for instant games is free , you only have to pay the Apple license" lol....

    Ehm, as always, my country isn't available... also, to early to hype about it, as i see is locked to businesses and not indie game developers (individuals).

    Pretty cool though, supporting all the major platforms, some of the top game engines, and probably html5 games also, not bad, but il be waiting for the indie games opening doors, and more countries.

    Has potential, definitely, but we are looking at another 1 to 4 years till is available to all developers.

    (fun fact Google and facebook are buying billion of dollars software and websites from Romania, Russia and other countries, but when comes to giving access to their developer programs, these countries are the last to join if they will ever be joining, feels a bit unpleasant (i know is not their fault, is the countries policy thing, but still feels weird) ).

  • Ehh, the specs say they want a seat at the AAA table.

    We're not on the menu.

  • I think it would be a good fit. It was just announced so I don't expect everybody will be in at launch Ashley Has Google reached out to you?

    The only way I see it not happening is if Unity paid google to not allow C3 in. I also doubt that.

  • Has Google reached out to you?

    I don't think google or any service of the type as Stadia reach out to developers, they will probably release a developer API or SDK and give access to the platform either free for all as facebook does and kongregate or other platforms for gaming, or they will do a verification process similar to nintendo, where just a particular of businesses or developer can get access based on their past projects or paid fee(think of steam but on steroids).

    It's still very early, but once is launched even if you doing games in C3 or C2 you could theoretically publish to Stadia if you register yourself as a business or a company.And since they have a "Other" category on the engines used, which probably means HTML5 games also, would be weird to have a platform that is browser based but doesn't allow html5 games. So either way is doable. Is just the countries available to is so limited, most of developers are not in UK or US (or the other 20 countries listed on Stadia website), more than 50% of the AAA games are from Russia, Asia and countries outside the available countries.

    Sorry if i sounded a bit intrusive.

  • Why in the world would they allow the streaming of a Construct game if the streaming would easily surpass the game download size itself in seconds?

    Some games could not run well in outdated PCs, sure, but it's a lot of investment of time and money too, so I don't see why they could consider allowing Construct games on a streaming platform made to high demanding graphics games.

  • #1. You can already play HTML 5 games on any screen, so nothing new there.

    #2. It is never going to work, streaming games too unreliable, latency will be too much for games where timing matters

    #3. Simpler Construct 3 and Unity games may in fact be the only kinds of games that will work on this thing.

    #4 Demo they showed apparently was not even running on Stadia, so right now it is pure bullshit and would not be surprised if this is scrapped even before launch.

  • Well streaming vs downloading is now a consideration for C3 made games now since streaming would tend to take away our advantage, but that's not the real issue. Obviously the servers, and boxes would have the all the power needed to emulate html5 games. The real issue is that they are only going to be interested in the games that bring in the most plays first.

  • Nobody's reached out to us, and I don't think they will. Some good points have been raised already: it looks like it's aimed at AAA games, particularly the kind of games that are a 50GB+ download and require a $2000 PC to play. With Stadia you can still get to play such games on a cheap low-end device, and without having to wait for a colossal download. Construct 3 already excels at making lightweight, high-performance HTML5 games, which still load fast and run well even on cheap low-end devices. So it's already great for that kind of casual gaming. Putting that behind a cloud game streaming service would likely actually make it a lot worse, as Keyo pointed out:

    Why in the world would they allow the streaming of a Construct game if the streaming would easily surpass the game download size itself in seconds?

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  • I agree that this is more for AAA games. While it's early, and the details are not out yet, I wonder if we will have to go through the Stadia system to have that YouTube play functionality. That's the most exciting part for me.

  • Feels bad when you are not on receiving end and the feeling that you are left out, while it does not rly affect you :(.

    It takes year or two for 5g to come on mobile depending on counthry, people buying 5G phones and unlimited fiber connection with unlimited data for cheap.

    I think it's mainly made for Fortnite and similar games to increase player count on maps. Also Big MMORPG games will benefit from it, having 10fps 500-1000 player battles are pretty bad on high end PC.

    The Time fiber connects us all and 5G powers our phone, we most likely can post Construct games there too.

    The game size etc does not rly matter, most likely trown there randomly, like you are asked to describe something, so you trow out some words that you can think of. I think Stadia could take any game in that is multyplayer and can leech users monthly. So we step on Era that every multyplayer game gets reinvented with 5-10x size, ofc some good solo ones too. So someone could clone minecraft or some other game, which would be awsome if it were bigger - Instant rich

  • It was the first this I thought when they announced. I think this is an opportunity for us to sell our games. Steam is dead for us.

  • I would not worry about it unless it really becomes something one day.

    More likely you can add it here today.

  • Is it possible? - Yes, Stadia will run on Chrome, so it will be able to run HTML games like C2.

    Will you be able to actually put your C2 game on Stadia - No. Stadia is ONLY accepting AAA games by big developers (, not indie games or small dev companies.

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