Any good backend-as-a-service options out there?

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  • So I haven't had a need to make a backend system for a couple of years. Last time I did was still a thing and it was ridiculously straightforward to use.

    step 1. create a database

    step 2. interface with the database with simple commands.

    Now I'm looking for something similar. Any good options out there? Two names that pop up are Playfab and Firebase but both seem somehow overly complicated so I'd better be sure there's not a better solution before diving into one of them.


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  • I am using Playfab with the Chadori plugins, the plugins simplify the interface and are well supported. The plugin is a paid plugin, here's the thread:

    That being said, I have been using CapRover on a Digital Ocean droplet for some game server side development, they actually have a one click deploy for a parse server. I tried it and it seems to work. Of course then you will have to manage/configure a parse server which is probably a lot more work! I also have not seen a Construct 3 parse plugin (it looks like the C2 versions have not been ported.) That being said, C3 now has integrated scripting support, so it will be relatively easy to use the JS SDK in C3.

    A bit of a random post, but some options.

  • Thanks! These plugins look interesting -- sounds like it's possible to manage Playfab with a humanly interface :)

    Also for anyone interested, I found a service called that enables a super easy Parse server deployment (no advanced conf. needed). I guess you need to use JS code in C3 to interface with the API but other than that it's pretty neat.

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