Are you going to update the Scirra Store?

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  • I've noticed that on the Original site, all the links EXCEPT the store links would come to this site. I've been wondering for awhile..

    The new website UI is amazing and all, but I've seen a lot of effort that was put into the Scirra Store, with all its community contributions and all, and it made me wonder. Since we all moved to this site now, I've started to question if I should still even get myself a seller license for the Scirra Store. Especially since all the other links would come to

    Are we ever going to update and include the Scirra Store to A lot of people have used the store to upload and buy assets, and it would be a shame to have to transfer to another storefront, since its a little harder to access the Store now.

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  • Long term plan was to move the store over, as you've identified it's pretty much the last thing to move over to

    However, it is a huge project so if it does happen, it won't happen any time soon. For the forseable future, the store will stay as it is.

  • Tom

    It would be nice if there would be a direct link to the store in At the moment you have to go over

  • really isn't very reliable and is quite slow, I'm hesitant to add a backwards link at this stage. Currently all links go > and I don't want to add any going > where possible.

  • is off limits for some corporations trying to stop game playing at work. However contruct isn't on their list yet.

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