A general question about mobile exports of C3 games.

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  • I cant find any videos on the performance of apps that were released using C3. Is the performance for these apps good? Is it viable releasing simple games on the IOS Appstore/ Android marketplace. I'm most likely going to buy C3, but I want to know if mobile exports lag, because I want to make games using C3 for mobile. (by simple games I mean space shooters and such (ketchapp like type games), no rpgs. I really like construct 3 and I really don't want to quit it, but i'm afraid I might have to if it (games) lags on mobile devices.

  • My personal experience with exporting games made with C3 is very mixed and has led me to cancel my subscription, maybe I'll come back when the new runtime for C3 is properly finished. Made a simple project and exported to android and on some devices the fps was steadily above 50 but on others it would barely run at 25. This is probably due to what is called gpu blacklist in the chromium browser, hopefully some one with more knowledge can give a better answer.

    All i can say is that I replicated the project with GameMaker Studio 2 and tested it on several mobile devices, both new and old, and none had any problem running it at a steady 60fps.

  • Actually, you don't need to use GM as it had difference method, at least you need to touch some codes. Alternatively, if you want visual script like Construct 2/3, you can use gameflow based on Unity. I successfull convert all of my games to unity using gameflow.

    How exactly? Gameflow works like "if you do" then "do something". Very similar to C2/3. Another example, you want to give a button action? Just pick action "on click button..." Want to animate Sprite? Just pick action "play animation", and variable system like C2. That's all.

    And I don't even interested on C3 as it doesn't have killer features, really, I mean it.

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  • Is this just a primarily android issue? I heard that it runs on IOS fine which is my target primarily.

  • since I'm currently working on a mobile game in C2 and then converting into a C3 project, due to the horror stories people have said about mobile dev with construct I tried to lower any use of things that could hinder performance. try to see what issues I would come across, these were my findings.

    my test device was a Galaxy Note 3

    • I was flabbergasted to see my game use 70-90% cpu usage on mobile when in comparison on my pc the same game would be using less than 20% consistently (using the android cordova export of C3).
    • phone would heat up considerably fast (3-4mins) compared to a game like Subway Surfers, even when the game is on idle too.
    • somehow didn't experience the heat issue when exporting the cordova project from C3 -> then exported as Canvas+ on cocoon.io. but exporting the same project from C2 then exported as a cordova project -> then exported as Canvas+ on cocoon.io gave be considerably worse performance (cpu usage reaching as high as 110%)

    the game looked like this, I was only using a 16x16 tiles (in tilemap) and assets

    its pretty disappointing tbh

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