Gamepad triggering twice? [SOLVED]

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  • I just noticed that my xbox controller is sometimes triggering 2 events?

    i.e. on 1 press of the A button I get two Triggered Events

    I thought my controller was messed up, so I unplugged it and plugged it back in. And first it was fine, then I went to play again and the same happened. In many years of using gamepads with construct (even the same gamepad) I have not seen this ever happen.

    Could it be a Chrome bug? I'm using C3 r148

    I also tried my game pad here

    and it seems fine

    EDIT: yeah it's only happening in Construct not on that website - although I will say it might be hard to see on that wedsite if it's triggering twice.

    ALSO it does NOT trigger twice every button press.. it's more like every few presses

    EDIT 2: it might be my game because I can't reproduce it in a test project. but I have no idea why its happening. more testing....

    EDIT 3: I've noticed sometimes when you press A button, nothing happens, then when you press it again you get two. my only event is On X Pressed with no other conditions. I don't understand what is happening.

    EDIT 4: its somehow performance related - I haven't figured it out. but one time I hit the A button and 3 bullets fired and it triggered the sound effect 3 times all on top of eachother.

    EDIT 5: trying to rollback to an earlier beta version /r146 and after modifying the c3p file it opens but won't run.. it's only a black screen. This gamepad problem was not happening a few days ago. I haven't changed that much to the code. This sucks..

    EDIT 6: figured it out... its the Worker Mode in Advanced options.. for some reason it can't handle Gamepad input properly... that's BAD!! that was a fun 2 hours!!


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