Gamepad Pressed does not work like Keyboard Pressed?

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  • Ok either this is a bug of Construct 3 or I am doing something incredibly stupid.

    I have created an event which allows me to read an input control through variables, so on pressed it becomes 2, and on being held it becomes 1, if neither then it goes back to 0.

    This works perfectly fine for the keyboard, then why not for the gamepad? since they are both identical and even use the same event?

    It does not read the " on pressed" state and skips straight to the "is down" state.

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  • Your "Else" event will automatically execute if the event on top of it is not executed.

    Said event checks whether keyboard key is down OR if gamepad button is down.

    If neither a key or a button is down, then, by default, the "Else" event will execute.

    To accomplish what you want, consider having a local variable at the start, on top of the event where you set "input_Button01" to 2.

    Name it for example "controlCheck" and make it a boolean.

    Refer to the following logic :

    Also make sure the index of your button is the correct index.

    You might want to check for a "button down" first in the logic as well.

  • Thanks I will look into this (I do not get it at first glance, need to spend some time figuring it out).

    I guess I just found it odd that they keyboard function worked while the gamepad did not, since they were both part of the same event I suspected something might be wrong :)

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