I just got my game to work on XBOX One. I have questions

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  • Hi there,

    I just got my game to run on XBOX One.

    Is there any easier way to test your game on the console or do you literally have to export each time and set up visual studio each time?

    Also, it was very laggy. Is there a way you can boost the resources for performance?

  • If you do another export you should be able to copy all the files except the Visual Studio project files and have it update without losing settings.

    When testing make sure you choose Release mode instead of Debug otherwise it's unoptimised.

  • Just a heads up. I tried to copy the files but I got this error message. I have a feeling you might have to do all of the steps each time in order to test on the XBOX.

    I first tried copying all of the files from one to another except the Sln and the project file

    Then I tried copying the project file.

    What files should I copy over and what files should I not copy over?

    JavaScript critical error at line 2, column 349872 in ms-appx://mammothinteractiveinc.443452a71117/c2runtime.js\n\nSCRIPT1019: Can't have 'break' outside of loop

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  • Update.

    If you minify the script it will give that error.

    In order to get the right speed, you have to deploy it and then launch it on the web portal or on the home screen.

  • I would guess you are using the Physics behavior and are running in to this bug.

  • Update.

    I keep getting this error. I tried trouble shooting it, but no luck.

    The program '[5664] WWAHost.exe' has exited with code 1073807364 (0x40010004).

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