game won't run on Huawei phones

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  • Had a couple users 1 star me in beta reviews for my game not working on Huawei phones.

    My mother in law visited today and I saw that she also had a Huawei phone, so I thought I'd take the opportunity then to see if the game runs.

    Well, the sound works, and that's it. There's a blank screen with the music playing in the bg. I'm assuming a similar thing may have happened to other Huawei users.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I'm tempted to go into blocking controls and prevent Huawei devices from being able to use the game, but it would be better if there was a fix. I just don't have regular access to one of these devices to test it.

  • I got a similar report from a user with Huawei phone. The game loads but instead of the first layout it shows green screen. Thought maybe it was related to ads, because another version without MobileAdvert plugin seems to work fine on the same phone.. Unfortunately, I don't have any more information on this.

  • I'm using MobileAdvert in my project too. Though when I tested it today, I only saw a black screen, not a green one.

    Nepeo any ideas what might cause this?

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  • Got the same issue with the same plugin. I dont ignite the MobileAdvert on the first layout but my game is blank "White Screen" after first loan.

    Huawei P30 lite is the phone im testing on.

    Things ive tried:

    "also i moved the music to the sounds folder as i read, but no change."

    Using C3 Runtime, and script not compressed on export.

    Tip: Some say we should disable webGl but then i would be forced to use c2runtime. I will try but that's not what i want.

  • Ok Solved.

    Basically its the error that the browser is not supported. You just cant see the text.

    To fix that, you need to upgrade the browser ( chrome in my case on the Huawei ) and that solved the issue.

    c2runtime with webgl also works, for this supports older browsers.

    Best of luck!

  • hmmm, That's interesting. I've had similar complaints from a user with an LG phone. I'm wondering why this is so prevalent on budget phones and if there's any way to prompt them to upgrade their browsers.

    Any suggestions Ashley?

  • I assume you mean Chrome browser? Do you know which version was installed before you updated it?

    LukeW It's unlikely Scirra will look into this without a proper bug report, and for it we need to collect some information - phone model numbers, Chrome version numbers, sample project, logs etc..

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