Game stopped working on OSX Safari (possibly due to new version of C3)

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  • Hi I have a critical issue here where my game used to work on OSX Safari

    but after I have upgraded the C3 to a newer version and exported it, it stopped

    (this is only my assumption)

    here are the errors I get on Safari OSX and it seems like its not related to my code.

    [Error] SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: invalid group specifier name

    (anonymous function) (c3runtime.js:8214)

    [Error] Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: self["C3_CreateRuntime"] is not a function. (In 'self["C3_CreateRuntime"](runtimeOpts)', 'self["C3_CreateRuntime"]' is undefined)

    (anonymous function) (main.js:26:324)


    (anonymous function)



    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am stuck.


  • It doesn't look like Construct's code where the problem is happening. I would guess you have a broken third-party addon. You will need to contact the addon developer about it.

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  • thank you for the answer, any way to identify which plugin is causing this ?

  • thank you for the answer, any way to identify which plugin is causing this ?

    Start disabling each add-on until the game start working again I guess

  • It's hard to read the text in that image because there's something strange about the quality, but the code appears to reference a plugin named StraniAnelli_HTMLElement.

  • thank you Ashley you Rock, I figured it out yesterday when I noticed that there is some Italian text in the error, I browsed all my plugins and realized it was HTML Element :) Case solved thank you

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