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  • Hi everyone,

    I've been working on a game trailer (build in C3) for about 4 months now and finally wanted to record my screen.

    Whenever I use the Game Recorder object, the performance drops to a level that makes the physics lag, making a decent recording impossible. I tried recording with OBS instead - same issue as soon as I start to record. I chose the settings to be not too demanding. Setting the system priority of the C3 browser higher does not seem to make any difference, too.

    Any ideas on how to get around this (besides from buying a high-end PC for 800$)? This situation is just sooo frustrating as I have been working for so long...

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  • Real-time video encoding is extremely resource intensive. If your system isn't powerful enough it will impact the game. Your only options are to try recording at a lower resolution or quality, or get a more powerful system.

  • Too bad you can't use Edge on Xbox one. I would think it would be suitable for game recording.

    No idea about downloading though.

  • Try Fraps to record it. It records raw and could impact less on fps.

  • Thanks for the feedback. FRAPS seemed like a good choice, but for some odd reason it doesn't work on my computer. Did a little research, a few other users have the same issue.

  • If anyone is still interested: I solved the problem by running C3 on a Windows 10 system and using the integrated Windows game bar (you can open it with CTRL+G).

    The game runs not 100% smooth, but much smoother as when using the C3 game recorder. In my case, there was some lag when using hinges of the physics object. You can see the trailer created this way down below.

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