Game locks up if when saving after destroying an object

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  • I have an object called Platform (which has, you guessed it, the Platform property). If some conditions are met, I destroy this object in its On created event.

    In the On start of layout event, I save the game using the built-in save method. When I do so, the game immediately locks up and I get the following error in the console:

    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: this._wasOverJumpthru.GetUID is not a function
     at PlatformInstance.SaveToJson (instance.js:8)
     at BehaviorInstance.SaveToJson (behaviorInstance.js:3)
     at Instance.SaveToJson (instance.js:20)
     at objectClass.js:27
     at (<anonymous>)
     at ObjectClass._SaveToJson (objectClass.js:27)
     at C3Runtime._SaveToJsonString (runtime.js:88)
     at C3Runtime._DoSaveToSlot (runtime.js:85)
     at C3Runtime._HandleSaveOrLoad (runtime.js:82)
     at C3Runtime.Tick (runtime.js:61)

    Is the game trying to save that instance I just destroyed? How can I prevent it from doing so?

  • Try saving after a small delay, when the platform object has been destroyed.

    On start of layout -> Wait 0.1s, Save Game

  • Yeah, I can do that. I was just hoping there would be a more direct fix instead of just trying to kludge my way around it.

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  • The direct fix is making an error report for the bug.

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