What is Game Jam? How to work in theme

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  • What is Game Jam? How to work in theme

    Can anybody explain me ???

    So that i can also dive into it

    any example of any old theme so i can conclude something for theme

  • Hi

    A game Jam is a game creation contest. Often it's in a very short time with a constraint, it's often a theme your game have to be based on. It's just that.

    A lot of famous indie games began their life in a game Jam prototype (Nuclear Throne, Super Hexagon etc...) .

    You dont't have so much time to intelectualize, it's fast and furious ! Often in 48h or 72h.

    Game Jam games are not perfect but sometimes you discover a nice mechanic or something very interesting you can work on later. Look at Ludum Dare Game Jam it's a famous one.

  • Okey

    What is most important in gamejam ??

    1) Graphics, Sound and Game should Good

    2) Graphics & Sound Should Good, Game not important

    3) Graphics Should Good, Game & Sound Not Important

    4) Game Should Good Graphics & Sound Not important

    5) Game & Sound Should Good, Graphics not important

    6) Game & Graphics Should Good, Sound Not Important

  • Try to create the best experience for your players in a limited time.

    Depends on your skills, your game etc...

  • How to get the most out of a game jam

    The most important in a game jam is by the end of the deadline to have a working game that you can share with others.

    Generally you will focus on one or two game mechanics and spend most your time polishing it as much as possible so that the experience of playing the game is fun for others.

    You can also check those links :

    Jammer resources (Global Jam)


  • can i submit those games which i already made with construct ??

  • can i submit those games which i already made with construct ??

    A jam always has a timeline in which the game for that particular jam should be made - in this case 15.5 - 28.5.

  • can i submit those games which i already made with construct ??

    Of course if you are a cheater without soul you may do so.

    Otherwise, you can consider the game jam for what it is a training to make game under constraints in the given amount of time respecting a certain theme.

    Rules for the game jam are given here : https://www.scirra.com/blog/206/its-time-to-jam

    One could say, indeed, nothing prevents older games from being entered.

    But how older games would suppose to be matching the theme ?

    And games are supposed to be made in C3, allowing to test it out and report potential bugs.

    Again, a game jam is first and foremost a training for a game maker or a team of game makers to make a fun and playable game from scratch in a given amount of time.

    Make it as fun and as cool looking/playing as possible, knowing it must be done by the 28th of May.

  • Thank you

    Now i understand most of it

    Now what about team

    I am Single person on my area who knows about construct then how i can get Team for this Challenge

    and I have got idea for Good Things Come in Threes but i don't know i am guessing right or i am in wrong path

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  • what Should Target Platform

      Android Phone Desktop PC Windows Phone
  • >


    what Should Target Platform

      Android Phone Desktop PC Windows Phone

    For the current jam in C3 you should target PC. I published a game for phones on Newgrounds and got bad reviews because it was difficult to play.

  • As for getting a team, communicate with people working with Construct, in the communication channels, on Newgrounds, etc...

    Also it is not an obligation to team up, you can work alone.

    And finally finding out if your ideas are good, make a quick prototype and have people testing out to see if it is fun or not.

    A game jam is first and foremost making a game, only in less time than usual. But all the building steps are still the same.

    If you made games in the past and hadn't them tested before release, then you were doing it wrong.

    That's what feedback request is all about.

  • Hi Lucky,

    To put you on your way, I am creating a mozaics game in the 3 colors which Ashley use in his avator. Red, Blue and white. I create triangular, rectangular, square shapes in Affinity Designer of 32 and 64 pixels. There is a grid where a player can put in those pieces.

    As a start I intent to use the C3 logo made in those pieces.

    This is my very first participation in a game jam and like you I do not find it easy. On this moment I am in the planning and design stage. Saturday I arrive back home in Gaborone and then I have much more time to start actually programming it.

    I only use C3 for this Mosaics game. When the game jam is over I will wait until we can buy a license and then continue adding new colors, shapes and features. Also like to polish the game graphics.

    Success Lucky, just follow your imagination and creativity.


    I will keep my promise to you.

  • Thanks to all people for their kind information

    I have idea and I have started working on it

    mostly 70% mechanism complete

    working on graphics and sounds

  • Kyatric My Game is 90% complete

    now musical part remaining

    So I have some Questions is in my Mind

    1) I will submit this game in GameJam So can i put advertisements on this ?? I will make it for Desktop Version and Android Version, Desktop version for GameJam and Android Version for my Google Play Store. I will definitely put advertisements on Android Version But May I put Advts it on Desktop version too ??

    2) Suppose I won then What GameJam will do with my Game

    a) They will promote my game ?

    b) They will do nothing

    3) i want to test my game on this forum.

    is this a good idea?

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