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  • I'm tempted to buy a subscription but.

    I want to make an top down scroller inspired of the arcade game 1942. The base game will be the same as 1942 so very simple. A player, enemies following a path, boss fights, animations ect... And I want to add an shop and upgrade system between the levels.

    I have tried to make this in a few different ways before construct (I'm a front-end designer not a programmer but do some basic php):

    - Asemby 6069chip, it was way beond my level, but learned some coding. And made an doodle jump demo.

    - Unity, no experience with javascript so after the tutorials where over it was just to hard. Tried Unity 2 times.

    - Python arcade, made a demo but the code became to big and inefficient so ended up just me trying to keep it working. The optimization was bad so it became unplayable.

    - Php, code I have the most experience with but just not made for it I think.


    Because I'm i bit hesitive towards starting a new journey I would love some advice if construct is the way for me and my goal game. Also if so, how long before I would be able to make a demo and be comfortable using the program.


  • sure why not you got nothing to lose. CS3 is a very capable easy to understand engine and if you for some reason decide CS3 doesn't give you what you really want out of a game engine then move on, no harm. The 1 year subscription is affordable and it's worth finding out if the CS3 engine will satisfy you. I'm confident it will since especially this will be you're rather new to personal game dev.

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  • Hi, you can try it for free. The free version is enough to to make a simple game. If you learn well in Construct 3, and realised you needed the extra premium functions, then upgrade.

    I find Construct much easier than Unity (I was also struggling with the coding when I took a course not long ago). Construct has many functions pre-coded, you only need to click, select, drag them. That way you can learn how the functions work without actually typing out the codes. It is suitable for me as a beginner.

    However, I also know that there are a few other outstanding games engines around, so I am currently trying out Construct too.

  • It was a good choice to buy it, I had made one of my dream projects and although it cost me months to make it was fairly easy with Construct 3.

  • I can say for sure that the game you're describing will be super easy to make in Construct. Especially if you already have a coding expirience. I believe that after getting familiar with the interface and such you'll be able to get a working prototype in an evening or two

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