What if ? you could make a game engine in construct 3

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  • note this is just speculation

    So i was thinking and what would happen if someone tried making a drag and drop game engine inside of a game engine such as construct 3 and is such a feat even possible ?

  • Sure.

    And technically you can also do that in a car.

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  • in a car ?

  • A microwave would be more fun though.

  • oosyrag we are talking about a game engine not doom x3

  • Well, what is actually needed to make a game engine/editor? Be able to draw stuff, get mouse/keyboard input, a way to do the logic to put stuff together, and finally a way to read/write files. Not all vanilla construct features are well geared for much of that, but it would depend on what features you'd want your game engine/editor to have.

    Say you wanted to make an engine much like construct. The layout editor and event editor would mostly be a lot of busywork. Same with the runtime. Drawing images or dynamically loading images are some drawing primitives that may need additional plugins. It could take some strategy to keep stuff organized so you wouldn't get bogged down with too may events to deal with.

    In the end you may be fighting with constucts features to do what you want, so it may just be worth it to do the engine something lower level like js so there is more control and less friction.

  • R0J0hound so it is possible ? but it would take lot's of work .3. huh well if i ever want to get creative now i know that i need to balance lazy

  • I'd imagine it's not possible for most though. I'd recommend doing a bunch of simple projects to try out various ideas related to what you want to do, and see if you have the ability to do them. Then if you find you're able to do that you can try working all the ideas together. You should to be able to quickly see how much is involved and if it's something worthwhile to work at till completion.

  • Something like Super Mario Maker would be fairly simple.

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