game doesn't load on first time launch (but is fine every time after)

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  • So I've had this happen to my game a few times, as reported by a couple of users and just then now when I was testing a new apk.

    On first time launch, the game hangs at the loader screen. It will start loading, so part of the progress bar fills, but then stops moving. A restart of the program seems to fix it and then the problem doesn't reoccur.

    Wandering if anyone else has encountered this? I wonder what causes it.

    I don't think I'd be able to reproduce it in a separate cp3 file, so don't know that filing a bug report would be any use.

    This was on stable build with the c3 runtime on Android.

  • Are you using a Loader layout? If you are, please post a screenshot of its event sheet.

  • Cheers

  • Do you have "Use loader layout=Yes" option set in your project?

    If this is your loader layout, then you can't just wait a few seconds and switch layouts! You need to wait for "On loader layout complete" event to be triggered, or check loadingprogress expression.

    Loading time for an application may be different even on the same device, so 5 seconds may simply not be enough.

    See this tutorial:

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  • hey dop2000,

    Thanks for the advice. I'll update the loader layout to make it check that it's complete before moving on. I feel like I may have misinterpreted exactly how loader layers actually work.

    Also, thanks for the link. As I read through I saw this:

    'Loader layouts are only ever shown the very first time the game is being downloaded from the web. Since Construct 2 games save to disk so they can work offline, the next time the user plays the game it will load instantly.'

    which sounds to me like it might be related to my initial problem, assuming this applies to C3 as well.

  • I believe that quote is about web games. With mobile apps, loader layout is shown every time you launch the game.

  • oh, alright then :D

    I've turned off 'use loader layout' for the moment to see what difference that makes.


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