My game crashes on many phones

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  • Taximan:

    Maybe you have the same error I had a few weeks ago (also like 5-10% crashes)...

    To make sure it's not this error, can you please make a screenshot of your tilebackgrounds / sprites you used in your project?

    Then I can maybe help you.


    Or just check your project if you use any tiled-backgrounds (image-size = 1x1 pixel or very small) but size in usage is like 100x100 pixel.

    This will make a lot of phones crash when loading the layout with those tiles included.

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  • CGamez

    I have some 1x1 tilebackgrounds, I use them to fill black areas.

    I didn't know that it blocks some phones.

    Thanks for the info

  • It's a very common mistake that people make if they don't understand why memory usage is important. People can and do make things like several colossal image tiles, or a sprite with 100 animation frames which are 1024x1024 (which uses nearly half a gigabyte of memory alone), etc. Based on years of seeing things like this, it would be my first suspicion; next up I'd suspect a GPU driver bug since those are pretty common too.

    Ashley I have been having issues where my game runs decently well, but then when I try to leave the game, my phone has a heart attack. I'm linking you in here because I may have done either or both of the things you mentioned...

    I have a sprite with 360 frames, but all the images are 128px black outlines PNGs with transparent backgrounds. The total filesize of all the images together is only 5mb. Do you think this could slow cause the slowdown?

    I also have some pretty colossal tilemaps on each layout... but I thought the whole idea of tilemaps is that it reduces the memory usage?

    Here are some screen captures:

  • The debugger is showing over 1GB of memory usage for images in your game, which yes, will be far too much for some devices.

  • The debugger is showing over 1GB of memory usage for images in your game, which yes, will be far too much for some devices.

    Yeah man! I reduced the size of each image from 512 to 128 and it cut that to ~400mb and that seems to be fixing the major phone crashes. Such a simple fix.

  • I have face similar problem with Sony Xperia XA2.

    When user try open the game it crash

    I removed "Plataform info" module and compile again. Problem solve!!

    TO DO: I will change the Tiled Background Size to 100x100, because i have several 1x1 and if i face some crachs, i will remove them all and change to sprites to test.

    Thanks to all

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