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  • Hello to all.

    I purchased Cosntruct 3 just yesterday and so far 2 things jump out at me.

    1. I am unable to run the game in full screen in preview mode on layout start. I can't even maximize on layout start. I have to actually export as NW.js to see my window maximize. I am using browser-->request fullscreen and it used to work fine in C2. Is this something that will be improved in the future?

    2. Saving locally is very cumbersome. I have to use the Save-->Download instead pressing one button. Will this be changed in the future?

    I thank you for your time.

  • 1. I usually assign key to toggle to fullscreen, specifically the tilde key. This way, when I run the game I just hit the tilde key right away to bring to full screen. Hit it again to toggle back to window. I use to do this with C2, works just as well with C3. Only weird thing is that each time i do it, the window gets smaller and smaller whenever i toggle back. Probably a C3 bug...

    2. Have you tried just doing ctrl-s to save?

  • In Construct 2 using the Browser call to do full screen worked out of the box...so no need to press anything...pressing F11 does the same thing natively so no need for toggles. I am just trying to avoid this unnecessary step.

    CTRL-S opens the save menu which has cloud services only so it does nothing different. The only way (that I know of) to save locally is to do the Download thing...which is not optimal.

    I am starting to regret not waiting for the offline application.

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  • I have fullscreen but when i go to next level or back to menu i get smallwindow ;/ i add "Include" help plz

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