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  • I want to create a list of Construct developers interested in helping game developers on an "issue by issue" (or full game dev support). I teach game development classes and many times students are looking for streamlined real-world help, beyond the forums. In most cases they will need a quick C3P file with code and primitive assets that demonstrate the solutions they are after. This would be PAID assistance (hourly, case by case, etc.) and not expected to be free.

    Is there any existing lists within the community or forums?

    If not, feel free to post contact info in here (if acceptable by the forum monitors) - I will compile the list and make it publicly available.

    NOTE: I have experienced many students who feel intimidated by the answers they receive in the forums. Keep in mind, many beginners need real samples or complete solutions, not simply advanced concepts and snippets with the expectation or assumption that they can implement as an experienced or advanced programmer would.

    For the record, I did a search in Upwork and received "zero" results.

  • Try the Job Offers and Team Requests forums -

    The Discord channels may be better for more immediate personalized help and support. There are also many complete solutions with examples in the tutorials section.

    My assumption is that beginners should experiment and try to work through problems so that they can gain an understanding of the thought process behind the solution. Other things that often happen include questions that aren't specific enough, or multiple ways to approach a problem but without context, which is why a "complete" solution might not be immediately available.

    I find it kinda weird that students are expected hire a professional or a freelancer to do their class work? Or maybe that's just me.

  • They're not all students (classes, workshops and demonstrations where they get a dose, but then they get on board and run with Construct) and of course they are expected to work through the issues, but there comes a tipping point where its worth getting a paid solution for a particular "issue" (not a template or complete solution) rather than spend several hours or a day. No offense, but this is the typical response from an experienced developer without the UX empathy of what frustrations starters truly experience. Most all of my participants want to learn themselves and gain that understanding that you speak of, but the typical alternative is that they abandon the original concept and go with something lesser because they couldn't "figure it out". I appreciate your advice and direction to the other part of the forum - I will pass this along. Thank you again.

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