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  • Apologies if this has already been answered, but if it has I must have missed it. Currently testing the free beta, opening up one of the example games it displays a warning that the game exceeds the free version limits and some features will not be available. I'm assuming that's in relation to editing the game itself, but if you preview or debug the game it plays correctly (without limitations?). Am I right in assuming that if I were to stop subscribing to C3 but had worked on a project that exceeded the free limits, I would be able to open it up and still look at it properly? I wouldn't need to export it, or even edit it - but I would like to be able to look at the structure, and also play the game (by pressing the preview button) for personal use. The answer to this will likely be my deciding factor in subbing. Thanks.

  • Yes absolutely. We've always said that without a subscription (even in the free edition) you can open any project and look around it, preview it etc.

  • There's also the ability to export sprites, animations, audio etc. so you can easily get your work back out of a large project, even without a subscription.

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  • Thanks guys, I appreciate the clarification - I just wanted to make 100% sure. I can work with that

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