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  • Hi. A blind gaming student and doing the certificate iv gaming and interactive digital media from, and pity you don’t have a free education licence I use the jaws for windows screen reader from and construct 2, seems accessible and use firefox as my browser of choice. Pity you don’t have a fully free education licence. As don’t have a credit card, paypal and don’t have a mobile phone. Using a Toshiba satellite pro laptop withwindows 10 64 bit pro. So, is there a education licence, and it is easter good Friday here in Australia. Can you help me out. Got the free version and doing the training from Can you help.


  • Thought this was spam.

    I get ocr with events maybe, but ...this doesn't seem like the best choice.

    Good luck though.

  • The events are probably read out loud and are selected by the software with a spoken answer response. Actually makes me think that Construct style events would be a perfect coding environment for someone who is unable to use the keyboard or needs to use speech (possibly even Virtual Reality?)

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  • Strange post.

    Will monitor activity.

  • As someone who is well aware of how JAWS and WindowEyes work, I struggle to believe that Construct is a right choice!

    Other languages, even SDK's like Corona/Defold/Love which are LUA based would allow you to use a text based editor (Sublime) and you can be very specific with jaws as you type/review.

    Construct is an extremely visual language, while Jaws will tell you about the window that is open, especially the event window, but it will NOT do a good job of identifying items like image points. The animation editor is pretty much visual. As far as I know you can't set image points by events so you can't bypass it there.

    The layouts would be quite difficult also, Jaws won't be able to tell you that one item is layered over the top of 3 other items, and what Z Order they are in.

    Mouse usage is high for Construct, and while your reader can accommodate that, it would be a slow experience for a complete app creation. While visually impaired users have a LOT more patience than I do, writing a full app I think would be cumbersome.

    It truly is a visual language.

    All that said, you can use the version for free with the 25 event limit. Other game engines mentioned above you can try for free.

    There are education plans ( ... /education) however they are not free (but heavily discounted) but they can only be purchased by Teachers/Schools etc, not individuals (as that would make it a personal edition). Software such as Jaws are very expensive as is many visually impaired software packages, in comparison, Construct is relatively low cost.

    For not having a credit card etc, purchasing a prepaid credit card can solve that issue. As a single purchase of a licence cost, you can then pay for the product. I expect a few of the younger construct users were able to purchase that way. I also think PayPal can connect to a bank account instead of a card.

    Good luck on your quest.

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