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  • First of all, Scirra, congratulations on construct 3, it works...

    But does it?

    Almost all the features that were highlighted in the dev blogs - blocked in the "free edition" and can't be tested.

    No onion skinning, no live preview, no remote preview, not even search! And the list is going on...

    We can't buy the non-free version, we could try the non-free version at 15-21 of may... But what is the point to giving the full version to participate in NewGround's contest if it will be full of untested features full with bugs. It will be such a bummer to develop a game in biggish version...

    Scirra, you don't want that the first experience of construct users will be "Frustration"

    Just some thoughts.

    Open topic...

  • According to you, we are looking forward to testing the new features and we can not, please, we are looking for an excuse to buy Construct3, but it seems that you are pushing us to other engines.

  • Hi,

    I think that "beta release" is useless until Scirra really want us to test their build. What's the point of a free/very limited feature beta ?

    Or may be Scirra is pretty sure that their software works as expected ? so what is the aim of the beta if so ? It's not a public beta, it's just a tech demo for me.

    I was sceptical but I wanted to give a chance testing the software but I didn't have anything to test, all features are blocked and more : this is less what C2 has to offer in his free version.

    Scirra : if you want to make a beta test, let people test your software in a full version, if you want them to tell you what's right and wrong, that will be usefull. But now, it is a non sense. You don't give good reasons to buy a subscription later.

    Sorry for my english.

  • I agree, this not a beta test for the C2 pro users.

    From my perspective, this is a downgrade from C2

    I opened C3, I was interested in the search feature, Array editor, live preview, none of them work. Closed after 5 minutes. Back to C2

  • It's a beta test. We're expecting lots of bugs. When someone sends us a bug from a huge game, it's insanely time consuming to try and reduce the project to the root cause. Keeping it feature restricted will help us fix more bugs faster.

    Also, we are going to be unlocking all features in the final week for the game jam when everything is a lot more stable.

    Understand you want to get your hands on everything, but we don't think it's the right choice at this stage.

  • but we don't think it's the right choice at this stage.

    Neither do I => I don't think, I will going further so. Too bad, 8 weeks of beta tech, can't understand the goal.

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  • The goal is to stamp out as many bugs as possible before we start selling it - we think people would be more upset buying buggy software.

  • The goal is to stamp out as many bugs as possible before we start selling it - we think people would be more upset buying buggy software.

    Hey Tom- I think I figured out the Chrome cache issue and I posted it in the bug reports.

    I have a 64 bit system that came with chrome installed so I assumed it was the 64 bit version. Turns out it was 32 so I updated to 64 bit and lag seems to have went away but have not tried it enough to know for sure.

    May be an issue other users have so you probably want to look into it and tell users having lag to check their Chrome version and update.

    Hope that helps!

  • I have to agree that a very limited C3 version is not going to be an adequate test for bugs or how the system operates under load with lots of events, sprites and effects running.

    If this is what the free version after the beta test is going to be I don't see much use in using it but maybe other people will.

    I would suggest a full version with limited events to 100 like Scirra did with C2 so we can really dig in and see if it is worth paying a subscription for.

  • They have said a few times now that the limitation is to squash bugs quicker. They will then open up all the features in the eighth week so everyone can go all out and do final testing.

  • Tom , I understand that you limit to correct bugs, but if you limit users a lot, they will stop trying.

    Do not you think it's better to give a little more freedom? This encourages users to continue testing and find more bugs, and have a better product for output.

  • I get what you're saying, but the reason it's tied down to free edition is because dealing with the bugs is 100x easier.

    Our #1 goal here in the beta is not to give free access to the product so people can get an appetite for it, it's to make the best product we can. We always try and make the best quality stuff we can and this is part of the process we need to go through to arrive there.

    I see the argument for finding more bugs by making it more of an attractive free offering but it's not a problem we anticipate having, we'll be plenty busy over next several weeks

  • Thanks for the answer Tom , I understand your position.

    I am not in favor of your new annual payment policies, but I hope you convince me to change my opinion with great software.

    Good luck.

  • And what about bugs in the full edition ? the first buyers will be the beta tester of the full release...

    7 weeks to test "3 functions" and only one for the entire soft ?...

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