Framerate Mode Errors on PC

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  • I get the following crash at during gameplay only on PC (works fine on mobile) and only when Im using Unlimited(ticks only) framerate mode. I'm pretty sure the error occurs when the game is just about to save data but as yet its unclear.

    query.js:8 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'EndTimeElapsed')

    Switching to Framerate Mode/Vsync fixes everything, but then again my framerate throughout the game suffers dramatically on mobile if I use this mode.

    The PC fps is reading 9000 fps plus...Maybe its going too fast?!?

    Any guidance gratefully received. Thanks

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  • From the documentation:

    Are you using Local Storage or System Save/Load actions? These actions take some time to finish, so if you don't build your events correctly, a different frame rate may cause it to fail.

  • OKay, I guess I'll just need to stay away from it. For saving/loading I'm just writing/reading everything from a JSON file.

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