Found Solution to Sprite warping glitch!

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  • I'm pretty sure this has been solved before, just some harder and more time assuming answer was given.

    Anyways, the glitch i'm talking about is a bug that happens when you have 2 or more spritefonts on a certain layer. This is only in the actual editor itself and not the game. But it is really inconvenient as the sprites just start looking 3D and warped.

    Some previous solutions were

    • Get a better graphics card
    • Have more then 1 layer for text
    • On start of layout, set the opacity to 100.

    My solution...

    All you need to do is edit the z layer. By that I mean sending the spritefont to the back or front.

    Of course this means you can still only have 4-6 spritefonts per layer, but it makes it way more convient.

    I hope this helps someone!

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