Floating Windows and Dual Monitors

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  • I've been evaluating C3 for a little while now looking to upgrade. Just wondering if there are any workarounds for using floating windows on a dual monitor setup?

    To make a floating window I have to right click individually on a window and float it. Then I need to position the window on the second screen. Repeat for 3-4 other windows. More steps than C2 but not a huge deal, but now let's say I am using another program like Photoshop that covers all of the C3 windows. If I want to go back to C3, I click on the editor which brings it to the front. However, the other windows are separate from C3 so I have to click on each individual window to bring them to the front too. In most other software all of the windows are treated as one. Lastly, if I close C3, or it crashes, all of the windows are back to default and I have to repeat the process for organizing them again. Is there a way to save the window layout?


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