Flappy Birds Clone-ISH How long can a layout be?

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  • C3/Mobile game

    I want to make something like Flappy Bird, but I don't want repeating pipes. I want to make an long layout with different obstacles that I can place where I want them, something that restarts more than rotates.

    What is the longest possible length within reason for a layout?


  • You can make it a million pixels long if you like. But I would recommend using this method instead:


  • You can make it a million pixels long if you like. But I would recommend using this method instead:


    This is extremely helpful. Thanks!

  • dop2000

    That's the thing, I don't want to create them randomly. I want to make it more like a platform that goes on and on in a straight line, but when the player get to the end it restarts without the player realizing it.

    However after so many pixels it will slow the mobile device, so I need to know just how long I can make it before it shows the mobile.

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  • It's not the size of the layout that slows the device, but the number of objects on it, and behaviors/effect on these objects.

  • Just in time object creation maybe? dropbox.com/s/m0jwoid9604jr9q/proto_platfo.capx

    Objects will appear if they are about on viewport.

  • Hey, I think I can help you out. Im working on a project right now and the size of the layout is huge. The width is 4000 and the height is 8000. I create my own levels because they are not random. The reason why it's so wide and huge is because it's an actual maze that I want to feel like it's huge and so the enemy and player can navigate. There are many objects in it, and has effects for the outside. I made more than 10 levels btw with the same size and don't seem to lag. I have experience some but took out codes and things I was not using. I think a good idea for you to try is to make a 6000 width layout with the 500 size height layout to get the feel of a huge or long layout and go for there that seem fit to you. Last, when the player do reaches the end of the layout, just make an endpoint portal basically that loops back to the beginning of the level making it continue infinity on the same level. If that's what your aiming for.

  • Looks like 8000px is about as wide as it will go and still show the background while I'm building it.

  • So.... did that help? Did you find what you were aiming for?

  • GamerDude96,

    Yes, I was just hoping it would be a bit longer. But your numbers helped me easily find the longest width.


  • No problem. Glad I could help.

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