First Project Problem - Crazy Bullet Bug

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  • Hi everyone, I'm creating my first project in construct 3 and I'm having an issue with my reset function. The bullet looks like it vibrating and occasionally moves in a random directions for about 5 seconds before it moves at an angle like I was expecting. I've attached a screenshot of my event sheet and bullet properties. Any assistance on this would be appreciated.

  • My guess is - the sprite is at one of those Y values mentioned below. The event runs every tick which means it's going to continuously set a random angle until it moves away from those co-ords. I can't see any problem events apart from that. Since you are adding score also I guess this needs to be a trigger once event which would fix this problem and future problems with score - add a system > trigger once to those Y conditions on line 7 and 8.

  • I figured it out last night by using the debug mode (which I didn't know existed) but lionz you are exactly right. I saw the score shooting up like crazy and the random angle changing continuously. I appreciate you taking the time to look at this and helping. While I did end up figuring it out, I would've probably given up if I wasn't able to get help. Thanks again.

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  • Great, glad it is figured out :)

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