Few issues, namely mobile version.

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  • Pointless having demos for the mobile version without touch controls.

    (Not actually sure if puzzle demo game had touch controls it generated an error on preview (unsure if that was the browser or C3, great start )

    My main phone is 5.5inch with 1080p screen, whole UI is enormous. Checked settings and such, no way to change that - shrink font size for example.

    I know everything is big and chunky so there are no mis-clicks on buttons, but with such a large phone, I should be able to shrink it down to see more on screen.

    Also turning it to desktop mode, everything was still supersized, so not like I could hook up a mouse to my phone, and display desktop mode as if it were a desktop browser version.

    First hiccup was with chrome, my phones version was 56, on the play store, I had it updated to most recent version, but C3 was locking me out because it required 57.

    SO as I feared a few months ago, there are going to be issues outside of Scirra to contend with and how will they be rectified - I had to download chrome beta from the play store to get version 57...

    Now you may say, well that wasn't that difficult but chrome beta has issues, it crashed for me when trying to web browse twitter while it worked perfectly well in version 56. I load up C3, try to make my game and an error appears, who can I blame? Scirra or google beta? (puzzle game error I referenced)

    Now all this is just 30 minutes of use.

    Will want to spend some more time on the desktop version before I comment on that.

    Not happy with the restrictions on the "free version", I hope that is just for the beta and not fo

    r the final release free version. Way to shoot yourselves in the foot, already had people "worry" and fret over that in the discord dev groups i'm a part of.

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